Updates, updates! Recently we’ve been making a few tweaks to Grammar Gamble’s gameplay. Most importantly to the number of questions that players can answers per game.

You may have noticed something odd going on with the scores. It was first spotted by Emilia, a teacher using Grammar Gamble with her students, who pointed out that scores were maxing out at about $2,147,483,647. The game would let you keep playing, but the scores wouldn’t change.

This was caused by a couple of things – primarily us not appreciating the impact of exponential growth! Basically, if a number (say, the score) doubles at every turn, it’s going to get big very, very quickly. And it will get so big that, as a number, it can’t be stored easily in the database that powers the game.

The good news? We fixed it.

Well, we’ve now got a solution: logged in users can answer 50 questions before the game finishes. This still allows them to get a super high score if they answer every question correctly, feels like a good length of game, and it doesn’t crash the database. Plus, rest assured that the questions are still taken at random from our pool of questions, so no two games are exactly the same.

Plus: more English grammar topics on the way…

And more good news is coming! We’ve just had another 10 topics’ worth of questions written for us by Ineke, a TEFL teacher in Tanzania. Covering everything from article to conjunctions to word order, they’ll be uploaded in the coming days. Watch this space!